Ocean Drive is a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Montreal. Formed in 2018, Ocean Drive is a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Montréal.

Seeking to push the boundaries of the music genre, the band is trying to mix different ambience together, to form its own cohesive and original sound. Having played with bands such as The Parallel (Progressive metalcore band, In Vogue Records ), The Northern (Metalcore, Tragic Hero Records ), Enochian (Progressive Metal) or Peer Pressure (Québec Hardcore), Ocean Drive knows how to appeal to a large diversity of people.

Despite being under two years of existence, the band is already leaving a positive impact in the local hardcore scene and began early on to make a name for themselves. Energetic live performances and quality material, mixing heaviness and melodies, is what is setting Ocean Drive apart.

Artist Informations

  • Hometown : Montréal, Canada
  • Music genre : Melodic-hardcore/Post-hardcore
  • Formation : 2018
  • Influences and for fans of : Wage War, Stick to Your Guns, Architects, Being As An Ocean, Counterparts, etc.

Ocean Drive is

  • Antoine Beauchamp - Lead vocals
  • Nicolas Lacasse - Bass / Back vocals
  • Alex Provost Richard - Drums / Back vocals
  • Jareth Kmec - Guitar / Back vocals
  • Olivier Lamoureux - Guitar

What’s next for Ocean Drive?

After a few months of playing shows, Ocean Drive decided to jump in the studio during the winter, to record their first EP. The band released Snowpiercer worldwide on May 20th and supported the release of an EP release show on May 25th at Théâtre Le National.

The band has since released a serie of lyrics videos as well as their first signature merchandise collection. Ocean Drive is looking at becoming more than just a local band, always aiming higher, the band intends on promoting their music on an international level.